Our strategy is to double our turnover within 3 years by ensuring the excellence of our industrial performance through a complete control of our value chain and a high quality service, a strengthened and competitive partnership with our customers and traditional subcontractors in a human environment conducive to the development of our employees


  • 1988 Creation of SUMECATRONIC by Mr. Jacques SUC and Mr. Philippe CAMER by becoming a supplier of Marcel Dassault Aircraft.
  • 1990 Acquisition of the first numerical control machine
  • 1991 Moving to the Magny les Hameaux site
  • 1995 Development of the aeronautical customers (Technofan, Labinal, Auxilec, Thomson, …)
  • 2006 Company certified EN 9100.
  • 2011 Managerial transition from P. Camer to S. Camer to preserve the family shareholding
  • 2015 Construction of a new factory to meet the increased production rates (doubling of the capacity)
  • 2018 Acquisition of the first polyarticulated robot to equip a 4/5 axis machine